Experienced Leader

The Authentic Leader Coaching Package

Take it to the next level, master your inner leadership skills.

This is my specialty: helping you get that promotion or helping you settle into that new position you just got. Either situation, this coaching is for you.

In this unique approach, my job is to shine the light on you, on your needs, behaviours, talents….but most of all, the coaching turns on the light on the many possibilities that you may not have seen before.

You get: 2 calls a month lasting about 1.5 hours and unlimited 15 minutes calls.  My commitment is that when you have a need to urgently talk to your coach, I’m there. If I can’t take the call, I call back before 7pm Eastern the same day. It’s as simple as that.

Total duration 6 months

Managing Change Framework

Download this simple 5 step process to integrate change in your company without creating chaos!

New Leader Coaching Package

Start Right!

New leaders are often not sure of what to do and how to be a compelling and inspiring leader.

Perhaps you are an excellent technical reference and you performed really well so far.
Now you were given the leadership of a team….all kinds of new responsibilities are kicking-in…. overwhelm and doubt are also knocking.

This coaching will help you shine the light on all the basic and advanced tools of leadership. I want you to walk out with a well garnished leadership tool box of behaviors and grace in using them.
If you’re experienced at leading a small team and you’re transitioning to a manager position with a larger team, this package is also for you.

Together we will explore all the leadership reflexes that you feel that you need: strategic thinking, conflict management, daily-weekly-monthly leadership reflexes, performance management, stakeholder management and change initiatives.

You get: 2 calls a month lasting about 1.5 hours. My commitment is to be as flexible as possible. We do schedule the calls for accountability purposes but I understand that life happens.

Total duration 6 months

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