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5 Passive Aggressive Behaviors

What is Passive Aggressive Behavior Anyway? Silent treatment but just for you! It is the person who tells you that they are fine but turns around and starts ignoring you. They speak to everyone except you, they laugh and seem to have fun except when you’re speaking...

read more Here are some key words from this episode's learnings on inspiring leadership. Quest for Learning Energy Being Natural Risk Taking Connecting Inner power = Radiance...

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8 Things That Can Make You an Inspiring Leader

My inspiration today to write this blog post is Ben Zander. If you don’t know Ben Zander, he’s a well known and talented orchestra conductor. He is also a speaker on leadership and creativity. Zander’s conception of leadership is about creating possibilities. He...

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Let’s Talk about Contribution

Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day. Let’s have a conversation about contribution. Let us be humbled by Dr. King’s immense contribution to equality. A contribution that stretches far past his own lifetime. Today is a day to let ourselves be inspired by Martin Luther...

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Incivility at Work: What’s That?

photo: street art Lisbon, Portugal from my recent trip Hey There, I hope everyone got some amazing rest and fun over the holiday season. I did my best to rest and I had fun too at times. I have to admit, I’m not easily able to have fun. I think I’m an over-alert and...

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Leadership as a Lifestyle

What if leadership was a lifestyle? I went to sleep last night with this inspiration in mind. It came from all those Instagram feeds that are so successful and that are lifestyle oriented. I like them too. For me, leadership is a lifestyle. It’s a way of being at all...

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Be the Inspirational Leader You Wish to Be

Yes, you can be inspirational. Are you treating yourself as a machine: Reading and responding to emails Running around from one meeting to another Being there for your team Supporting your boss Helping your colleagues ...and then when the day is over, rush to the...

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Are you a Dark Leader?

You know that my mission is to end suffering at work. I know, sounds impossible…but still that’s my mission. I talk to too many people who are having a rough time getting up in the morning to go to work. For some it’s the nature of their work (boring, not up to their...

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